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The Save Columbus Centre Committee’s letter to the TCDSB
Dear Ms. Kennedy,
We are writing to you to ask to intervene at the next meeting of the Board, June 15, 7:00 p.m. on a matter of great importance affecting the fate of the Columbus Centre with which we are sure you are well acquainted.
We represent the Save Columbus Centre Committee, a community group formed to oppose a project which involves the TCDSB in a controversy which would pit it against the interests of the large Italian Community in the immediate vicinity, the Dufferin-Lawrence area, which has already expressed itself overwhelmingly against the project at a meeting held at Yorkdale Secondary School on May 11.2017. It would also bring the catholic School Board into conflict with the wider Italian Community in the Metro Toronto Area and beyond, for whom the Columbus Centre is a cherished cultural hub.
We want to appear before your Board to plead our case to Save Columbus Centre, and to respectfully but strongly argue for reconsideration of this matter which, if carried forward using the tactics adopted by the Board of Villa Charities, the TCDSB's partner in this ill-conceived project, will only bring disrepute to the TCDSB at a time when it needs the support of the Community.
We are aware of Villa Charities' appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board,which constitutes an attempt to circumvent the agenda of the Toronto City Council that was considering the application. This appeal disregards the basic principles of democracy and accountability to the supporters of the Catholic School Board. The TCDSB cannot allow itself to act like any other developer. 
We realize this is short notice for the meeting on June 15, but we are forced to seek your indulgence in this important matter.
Please respond to the Committee through me.
Elio Costa

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